I’m in virtual heaven shopping

Netty, Talia and that’s me on the right. We just love to shop.

By Sandy Hauster

I am a self acknowledged procrastinator. This note was actually due a few days ago. I spend a large chunk of my time doing all the things I truly enjoy: shopping, wandering, putting off today what I shoulda done yesterday (or a few days ago) and vast amounts of time just having fun.

Now about that ‘shopping’. A great deal of my shopping is done through MarketPlace where my greatest joys are finding fantastic bargains so that the Angels and I look good for the shows. Over the months, we’ve found tons of beautiful clothing for UNDER $L25 !

When I’m not looking through the hundreds of pages of MarketPlace, I sift through some of the many blogs available online, such as http://seraphimsl.com/ (a VALUABLE reference to lead you to events that happen weekly, monthly or annually), http://fifty5thursdays.blogspot.com/ …one of the weekly events that let you find awesome bargains costing you anything from $L55-100 …and many, many more.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Love Sandy

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