Forever Neil Tribute A Virtual Success!!

Sandy did a super job creating the tribute stage. It dazzled the audience with its diamonds and animated background. (Photos by Netera Landar)
3-2-1. Time for Austin to begin the tribute. We’re so excited for him as he begins to sing his favorite Neil Diamond songs.
Austin went all out to order a custom-made outfit and hair.
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing on diamonds during the tribute.
Austin beaming under the star studded light effects.
His fingers flew on the ivory keys while he entertained.
Austin wowed the audience as the American flag appeared while he sang “Coming to America.”
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing as we always do to show our support for our favorite SL singer.
Far right, Austin stands among the members of the orchestra singing yet another Neil Diamond hit.
Ann’s Place of Grace looked lovely for the tribute. Though, it’s always gorgeous and welcoming.

The next tribute will be at Second Sound City, Oligard, Saturday, July 13, 3 to 4 PM slt.

Fan and Friend Contributed Photos by KatyZog Destiny below:
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_004 (2a).png
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_020 (2a)
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_040 (2a)
Thank you, Kathy. If other fans would like to submit photos of Austin taken during his performances, please email them to along with your SL name.

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