Halloween Haunts, Broom Balancing And A Bolt of Magic

We’re wearing Believe Halloween Witch Hat, Liliana Dress Maitreya Experimental Halloween, Necklace Gold, Earrings.

Halloween in Second Life is a blast! There’s no end to the clever, sexy, adorable dresses and outfits you can choose from.  That often makes it difficult for us to choose what to wear for Austin’s sets. The Angels had a great time selecting a few costumes and helping others to enjoy the charm of the holiday.  Here’s a few pictures from Sheworthy, the Stage in Nashville, White Horse and Dandy’s.

Sandy looking bewitching at Austin’s Halloween gig at Sheworthy!
Talia at Sheworthy.
17th century ghost Austin playing the guitar and singing a popular song.
Bo Shim as a Pumpkin head rocker, Belinda Portland is a long-departed pirate wench and the country cowboy skeleton is Austin Moores.
Belinda Portland and Austin singing a duet at White Horse Tavern.
We’re wearing 18th Century Ghost Female Outfit and avatar by Robbie Roo.




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