Neil Diamond Tribute at Dandy’s Place Nov. 21, 2020!!!

By Netera Landar

Every tribute Austin hosts focusing on the  music of Neil Diamond is special. Austin selects the order of the songs he wishes to sing. Sandy creates a gorgeous stage, selects our beautiful gowns for the set, and then there’s a rehearsal.

The photos taken by Talia Sunsong, an Austin Angel, were from the Nov. 21, 2020 tribute at Dandy’s Place. We wore  Legendaire’s Sia gown. I chose my Truth Joy updo and a JUMO’s Baylor Necklace, which was a lovely group gift.

Austin, front and center. Back row, Sandy, Talia and I.
Austin speaking to the crowd.
ZDiva and Austin singing a duet.
Sandy, Talia and I.
A beautiful shot of Talia.
The tribute stage during “America.”
Austin uses song appropriate gestures and is honored to wear what Neil wears.
The next few pictures: Sandy, Talia and I on the dancers’ diamonds.

Left, ZDiva and Austin putting their all into a song.

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