Birthday Cake for Two Great Gals!!

And How Shall We Celebrate?

Sandy in cute PJs, with curlers in her hair and puppy in her arms. All photos by Talia Sunsong.

By Netera Landar

Planning SL birthday parties is never easy. That’s because there are so many possibilities when it comes to themes. So when Austin mentioned Sandy and ZDiva’s birthday was coming up, Talia and I came up with some ideas.

ZDiva dancing on the buffet table.

We discussed with Austin everything from a Roaring 20s party, to PJ party, Bad Hair to Over the Hill. I settled on PJ as it wasn’t something we’d done in the past and I thought it would be cute to check out creative PJ ideas. I bought balloons, a Diva cake and Talia contributed pictures of Sandy and Z that were posted on easels with particle roses. Austin added fireworks that spelled out Happy Birthday Sandy and ZDiva.

Austin in his PJs ready for a pillow fight.

We sent out notices and invited everyone to Austin’s venue. Even had a pillow fight. I wasn’t too sure how that worked, though. Some animations are easier to operate than others.

Talia in her kimono-style nightgown. She looked beautiful!

Ann ready to soar with a birthday balloon.

Liam and Nida in their onesies. Sandy is ready for a pillow fight.

I’m wearing my unicorn baby doll PJs and bunny slippers. Like Sandy, I had my hair in curlers. Alex is wearing his flannel PJ bottoms.

We were happy to see friends join us in celebrating Sandy and ZDiva’s birthdays.

Austin not only bought the party decorations he bought the fireworks with a special message, as well. Adding his special touch made the evening very special for our friends.

–See you around the grid!

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