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Neil Diamond Tribute Has Them Partying In Veronica’s Park Saturday, July 13 at Second Sound City, Oligard

Special thank you to Maribol for creating this stage for Austin’s second tribute to Neil and Veronica for hosting the wonderful event.
Our star shined on his stage.
A girl just loves her diamonds, but these are in honor of Neil.
Austin Moores giving his all to his audience. Talia and Netty added trivia information about each of the songs he sang and loved the homework.
(Photo courtesy of Sandy Hauster) What a great shot!
(Photo courtesy of Sandy Hauster)
(Photo courtesy of Sandy Hauster)
(Photo courtesy of Talia Sunsong)
(Photo courtesy of Talia Sunsong)
(Photo courtesy of Talia Sunsong)
Forty-eight people attended this second tribute performance. They loved Maribol’s beautiful stage, the special effects and the glamour of the moment.
Sandy, Talia and Netera wearing Sia2 from Legendaire. Netty is wearing “Joy” hair by Truth.
Mythio Underwood’s orchestra was a perfect accompaniment to a professionally prepared virtual performance.
The dramatic finale featured a gradually appearing American flag and the Statue of Liberty to represent the song “Coming to America.”

Forever Neil Tribute A Virtual Success!!

Sandy did a super job creating the tribute stage. It dazzled the audience with its diamonds and animated background. (Photos by Netera Landar)
3-2-1. Time for Austin to begin the tribute. We’re so excited for him as he begins to sing his favorite Neil Diamond songs.
Austin went all out to order a custom-made outfit and hair.
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing on diamonds during the tribute.
Austin beaming under the star studded light effects.
His fingers flew on the ivory keys while he entertained.
Austin wowed the audience as the American flag appeared while he sang “Coming to America.”
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing as we always do to show our support for our favorite SL singer.
Far right, Austin stands among the members of the orchestra singing yet another Neil Diamond hit.
Ann’s Place of Grace looked lovely for the tribute. Though, it’s always gorgeous and welcoming.

The next tribute will be at Second Sound City, Oligard, Saturday, July 13, 3 to 4 PM slt.

Fan and Friend Contributed Photos by KatyZog Destiny below:
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_004 (2a).png
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_020 (2a)
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_040 (2a)
Thank you, Kathy. If other fans would like to submit photos of Austin taken during his performances, please email them to along with your SL name.

Austin Discusses His Upcoming Tribute To The Multi-Talented Neil Diamond

Sunday finds_088
Netera Landar and Austin Moores discuss the Neil Diamond Tribute in the Angel home.

By Netera Landar

It’s Saturday morning and Austin is exhausted, but eager to start promoting a tribute dedicated to Neil Diamond. We sat down in the Angels’ home, on Austin’s sim, to focus on this week’s special show on Thursday, July 27th at Ann’s Place of Grace at 7PM slt. (

Austin Moores

Austin, like many of us, grew up listening to Neil Diamond’s music.

“In the beginning of 2015, I started experimenting with some of his work. It was because I heard his music and it’s in my range that I thought I’d just go ahead and give it a shot,” said Austin. “Sometimes, you try singing like an artist and even if they are in your range it doesn’t sound great. You have to capture that persona. I feel comfortable doing his songs. It’s a place, when I’m doing Neil, that I have to settle myself into. You have to get your voice into character.”

Asked what is it about Diamond that draws him in, Austin replied, “He writes from his heart. A lot of his songs are life experiences of his. I’m amazed by his songwriting.”

Austin said that Neil wrote the whole musical script of Jonathon Livingston Seagull and that he’s been asked to write for a lot of different people. He feels Neil is definitely multi-talented.

What sparked the idea for a tribute?

The owner of Ann’s Place of Grace, Ann Seetan, teleported Austin to a Neil Diamond Tribute on Second Life. That event gave him the idea to host his own tribute.

“I really appreciated that, but what really amazed me was that the place was packed. I know that there’s a number of Neil Diamond lovers out there and I think they would be pleased to hear a live show,” Austin said.

In preparation for Austin’s tribute, he began counting the number of Neil Diamond songs he had. He didn’t know if it was possible to dedicate an entire set with Neil songs, but he started adding more of his music to his set. He currently has twenty-eight.

Sunday finds_091Sunday finds_092

Sunday finds_097
Doesn’t he look like Neil?

“This is going to be unlike any of my regular shows. There’s special posters and invitations being made up. I’ve gone around putting posters on event billboards,” Austin explained. “Also, the stage is going to be much more complex. We’re not going to be using a regular stage,” he said, and this part Sandy, Talia and I love, “I actually have a Neil Diamond outfit that Mythio Underwood made me. He’s made a glittery shirt with a scarf. I’m going to be wearing that.”

Stay tuned because there will be other Neil Diamond tributes slated.



Let the good times roll….

Mardi Gras 2019. Front row, Sandy Hauster. Back row, Austin Moores, DJKathy Zog, Netera and Talia.
Mardi Gras 2019. Alex Destiny, 3 talented Smurfs, and Netera Landar.
Austin Moores recharging in an alien spaceship. Austin and the Angels visited an SL amusement park recently and checked out a BIG house!
Netera trying to decide if she should have sugar with her tea.
Austin chillin’ on a turtle float after an open mic. He did great that night!
Netera, country singer Bo Shim and Talia at Ann’s Place of Grace. Men can dance, too.
Sandy Hauster in front of Austin’s new country promotional photo. We were dancing on top of western-style pianos at Ann’s Coffee House.

Did someone say lucky boards? Between group gifts and lucky boards, group gifts will win every time. If you’re up for a challenge of patience you can win a few dresses, shoes and more if you hang out in front of the lucky boards. You might meet a few new friends, too. Below are a few lucky boards to check out when you have the time.

Number one:  SAFIRA

Located upstairs on the side wall. Saw this dress on the FabFree blog and thought it was pretty.

Number two:  SNOWPAWS

Snowpaws lucky chairs near the midnight mania boards.

Number three:  SNOWPAWS

Number four: SWEET THINGS

Sweet Things Group Gifts and Lucky Boards.

Enchantment is not just a state of mind…

When we’re not dancing for Austin Moores, there’s a good chance we’re shopping in Second Life. Sandy and Talia are great virtual shoppers so we frequently follow the most popular fashion blogs, especially Fifty5 Thursday’s, teleport and FabFree. FabFree is my favorite SL blog.

The first, third and fourth pictures are some of the wonderful gowns Sandy and Talia have chosen for us. The second, a sweet blue bird print short kimono was my find. There are times when I love searching for fashions I could never wear in real life. So every chance I get, I’ll purchase something colorful in Second Life.

Angel Blog--Swank Event Jan._352

Photo taken at: Firefly Cafe @ Serenity Gardens

Above: Legendaire Sia Gown (Hud 2 has the black texture with white stitched details. Includes 6 texture options and five sizes: Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, mesh bodies and classic avatars. It includes a gold necklace, but I’m using Cynful’s Fluff Necklace which was a Shop & Hop 2018 gift. 

Landmark for Legendary:

Angel Blog--Salon 52_012

Photo taken at: Tempura

At Prism you’ll find the Misaki Blue Birds Kimonos by Jezzixa for Maitreya with matching leggings. You need to use an Omega applier for the pants. There’s also a creme-colored cat Kimono which I find adorable. The black and white cat print has a green sash and gray leggings. Hair by MINA. Maria is a MINA VIP exclusive group gift. As a member you get a 10% discount when you wear the MINA VIP tag while buying products at the main store. Past MINA group gifts are on the back wall and there’s a gacha wall.

Landmark for MINA:

Landmark for Prism:

enchanged fantasy for Austin's Angels_003It is no secret that I don’t like appliers, but this Merivale Designs Amethyst Kiss gown is so worth the effort. It’s simply beautiful. It’s also available in Sky, Rose, and Xmas Kiss for 55L. It’s 50L to join the group. Be sure to check out the group wall not to far from the Kiss gown. Worn with Truth Joy hair styled in front and I added a Lazuri Enchanted Diamond Necklace and earrings for that special touch. The photo was taken at Enchantment Presents – Snow White in Nov. 2018.

Landmark for Merivale Designs:

Angel Blog--Salon 52_029

France seems the perfect setting for this ED (Ellnique Designs) Amber Cotton Floss Gown. We’ve worn it a number of times for shows because we love how it moves. Hair is Elise by Limerence and I’m wearing Lazuri Enchanted Diamond Necklace and earrings.

Photo taken at:

Landmark for ED:

Austin’s performance schedule and song list can be found at:

A Hop, Skip and Hyperjump Away You’ll Find Emmalena Damour Designs…

Emmalena Damour in DigiWorldZ.

By Netera Landar

Emmalena Damour Designs features a mix of casual and formal gowns. Emma has been part of DigiWorldZ for over two years. You can find her on Ocean Waves and Ocean Waves Mall II (Serene Vineyard Island (68, 131, 39).

We met Emma when Jen Smith, a Great Canadian grid resident and venue owner, introduced us her friend, Kamira Sirnah.  Kam booked Austin to perform on her sim –Enchanted Realm — and created a lovely guest platform where we can prepare for Austin’s performances. She also builds stages for the Angels.

When Austin was booked to perform at the grand opening of Emmalena’s Ocean Waves Mall II, Emma gifted the Angels with one of her gowns. Forty-eight people attended the event, which is pretty good for an open sim grid. So Austin wanted to thank her with an interview on the Angels’ blog. The day after Austin’s gig, I was invited to sit down with Emma and learn about her virtual business.

The Angels at the grand opening of Emmalena’s Ocean Waves Mall II in DigiWorldZ.

In 2012, Emma began designing her line of clothing in Second Life. She’s currently learning how to use Blender and has numerous clothing styles in mind, but for now she’s working with mesh creators.

“I have fifteen mesh creators that I buy from in Second Life and I have an export license from them to be able to use it on other grids,” she explained while we sat in one of her rental buildings. “That’s important to me. I’m always looking for other full perm creators of mesh to allow me to use things.”

Emma designs all the textures for her clothes. The clothing with flexi skirts, she designs herself. Anything 3-D mesh is usually another designers, but she has their permission.

Emmalena Damour Designs_002
Emma’s store.

Initially, Emma hadn’t planned to come to DigiWorldZ. Emma was happy in Second Life. That’s where her friends were. She was organizing hunts and she was managing a subscription box.

“But someone kept asking me to bring my brand over. I was fed up with something one day,” said Emma. “So, I came over and looked at their mall. It was a virtual mecca, a grid within a grid.  I immediately started contacting some of the mesh creators that I bought  from so I wouldn’t have to make a bunch of new things. I could just go ahead and bring the mesh over and then texture it with what I had already made.”

Emmalena Damour Designs_009
The casual wear you’ll find in Emma’s store.

A month later, Emma’s store was established. The building was provided by the woman who invited her to the grid. The feedback was extremely positive and the sales were coming along at a good pace on the gloebits region. She was then interested in knowing  how well she could do on a DigiWorldZ region.

“A friend of mine from SL came over during DigiWorldZ second birthday party and she won two 6 x 6 regions for a year. That’s a lot of land, so I built her a mall and included my store. I helped her build a road system and all kinds of things. So, I had a store and an art gallery on her region. Well, she decided she was going back to SL and she told me I can manage the sim for her. She said she wasn’t going to renew when her year was over.”

That meant Emma had to begin searching for her own sim. In time, she purchased land, rezzed her store and a mall there. That gives her a little sense of security as she doesn’t have to worry about a mall closing and items being sent back to her or deleted.

Emma said she’s fair when it comes to prim allowance for store renters: 200 gloebits a week for 700 prims is a pretty good deal in her book. She’s proud of the fact that her earnings have provided her with a supplemental income.

Emma says her Morgan dress is the most popular. It’s adorable with its girl next door vintage charm.

“Everything here is my own version of something I’ve been inspired by. When you come into my clothing store, you’l find formal, casual and business wear, in both male and female styles. You’ll also find sporting goods and swim wear. I don’t sell jewelry. I have friends that make it and I’ll let them do that. We’ll collaborate on things,” she said.

The most popular casual dress Emma sells is called the Morgan. On the right, you can see that it includes a bra and panties and is in a variety of sizes. Its cute with almost a vintage feel to it. The three tier mesh gown (the last featured photo) has two mesh skirts that present a more tailored fit or a fuller style. Emma carries a line of shoes and boots. I thought it a sweet gesture for her to sell boots with the LGBT flag colors. She also has shoes that fit Ruth.

Emmalena Damour Designs_004
Emma’s vision of a beautiful bride begins with this sweetheart bodice and fairy-tale skirt. A floral veil adds a unique touch.

I asked Emma about her prices. She said she may be a little higher, that’s because she follows the mesh creators’ TOS. She will follow what they have established no matter what grid her stores are on.

“I’m really so grateful that they allow me to use their mesh. I do pay for it. When I buy something, I buy it on a contract. Their TOS tells me what I have to sell it for. Tells me a minimum price and if used in a HUD, that I have to add so much for each texture. It sets the price. Sometimes I add a little more because of my original texturing,” she said.

Though, she feels her prices are comparable in all of the open sim grids and Second Life. In the near future, she hopes to post some of her clothing line on Kitely Market.  She also has a store on Keng City. She said it use to be a grid within a grid on DigiWorldZ. That was until they decided to establish their own servers and hosting. She also has a store on Utopia Skye Grid and a new one on The Encore Escape grid. Check them out!!

Emmalena Damour Designs_006
Nothing to wear for a formal Digi event? Emma’s store features a 3 tier gown with flexi skirts that can be form fitting or have a fuller skirt.






Let’s Shake it up!!

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”

Neil Gaiman

Talia at Palm Coast. A lovely picture as it captures the beauty the avatar. Talia is wearing Mina Juliet free group gift hair, LAQ Noelle head, NP Dreaming Eyes, Yak & Yeti Bollywood jewelry.
Talia wearing Lurve’s Angel Song Formal in Aqua with matching wings at Frank’s Elite.



angel blog_191Dancing. It has always been how we express ourselves. Whether it is the energetic interpretation of jazz, the graceful form of ballet, the sexy salsa and tempting tango or the playful Macarena, you have an understanding of the elements that come together to create a single performance.

Does anyone really know what time it is?

Chicago said it best. But do you have any idea how much preparation goes into a virtual show? Before Austin Moores sings and we take our places on stage there is a checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished. Sandy and Talia handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks.

After learning if the venue Austin will perform in is formal or casual, they select appropriate gowns, western outfits or an adorable casual number. Our virtual closets are filled with clothing from Marketplace, FabFree finds, group gifts and more. We wear the same gown or outfit, at times in different colors. We dance to check for “breakage,” select a hairstyle, jewelry and shoes that we prefer.

Sandy at Palm Coast Club.


Sandy is wearing the lovely Ciara Cream gown from Ellnique Designs:(

The hair is called Kaijah and it was a group gift from Truth.

I’m wearing the same gown showing you how it hugs your curves and how elegant it is.


Sandy and my Valentine gown is another Ellnique Design that is not only beautiful in shape and color, but the flexi motion is wonderful for dancing.



Austin regularly performs at Bogarts and one of the elements of the stage is the fog. It creates a dream-like set and brings you back to the grand days of nightclubs. Sandy is wearing a Sage Rayne gown. We wore three different colors that night. Talia chose purple and I selected aqua.

Our gowns: from Sage:



Our gowns are from SLC…it’s called Society. Sandy is on the left and Austin on the right.
Hair: Besom, Glam Kitten
We can’t shake up the dice here, but we know we have the #1 boss in SL. Photo taken at Godfather’s.
Kat joined us at Bogarts. Love her gown. She has such great style. She’s wearing Sis Boom’s “Distinct Pink” gown.

Journey to OpenSim, Ruth awaits you…


** By Talia Sunsong**

We take the Austin tour bus around the OpenSim metaverse. Outside of Second Life are hundreds of grids in OpenSim. OpenSim is also a free, open source software that anyone can use to create a virtual world. A grid may be owned by a business, nonprofit, or individual.

Open grids allow teleports to and from another grid. OpenSim land is usually low cost, leading to a huge variety of grids and regions, including artistic, educational, for roleplay, or for shopping.

Ruth, a free mesh body and head, has been created and given away on many OpenSim grids outside of Second Life, to encourage new residents. It comes with a free HUD with a selection of skins, and an alpha HUD for making skin under clothing invisible. Designers have been making clothing and skins for the Ruth avatar. There is also a free Roth avatar available for men.

Emmalena Damour of the Digiworldz grid is a great designer who made our gowns for a performance. The gowns are compatible with the Ruth mesh body.

To travel the grids outside of Second Life, have an open sim compatible viewer such as Firestorm, and create an avatar for free at a grid, such as the nonprofit OSgrid or at Kitely.

Feb. 2 blog shot kitely_001
Kitty welcome center is beautifully landscaped, has a small shopping area, forum for community meetings, information about purchasing land and more.

Open Sim World is a handy website that lists grids and regions.

Ruth free mesh body and head at : or get it inworld at Ruth Plaza, Luv Plaza (paste this into your viewer’s map) Plaza





Project Ruth – an Open Source Mesh Avatar by Shin Ingen – ingen-lab/Ruth


Logo created by Kitty.


Austin’s performance schedule is at:

Sandy, Netera and Talia in Emmalena’s gowns in Digiworldz. EDD Evening Gown Mermaid Tail Dress hop://
Get your free mesh avatar called “Ruth” in OpenSim.



A free male mesh avatar called “Roth” is given away in OpenSim.




Did someone say SL event?…

Starry, starry night at Ann’s Place of Grace. I’ve slipped into Wild Orchid Diamond Tears, a cool, silk number that we all adore. I’m wearing MINA Hair – Maria Unrigged V01, Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1., TuTy – Adored Girl Bento AO Priority 3 & 4.

angel blog_191

** By Netera Landar**

I finally have the opportunity to share all the wonderful dresses, shoes and accessories I’ve learned about through SL blogs and what Sandy and Talia have selected for us. I must confess that even though I’ve been on SL for ten years, I found it difficult to part with my classic body. I hear you giggling. I know change is inevitable, but I’m not one to set it in motion virtually without a gentle push from my friends. Sandy had to talk me through mesh application step by step. I must admit that now that I have graduated to a Maitreya body, I’m loving the ease of use of the system. No more worrying about attaching feet or if the shade matches my body.

On to shopping, what we love talking about…

There were so many SL Christmas events, I didn’t know what to go to at first. I spent hours at the Shop & Hop Holiday Shopping event. There were so many free gifts, I haven’t even opened them all. The layout was similar to an indoor mall. Then there was the Swank Event, Sense, Okinawa New Year Festival, Equalro, Jumo, Cosmopolitan, and a visit to the LUXE Paris Fashions Store because I loved their dresses.

New Years Eve at Brigadoon, wearing the same gown but with Limence – Elise rigged mesh hair.

What’s interesting about all these events is that you are introduced to fashion creators you’d probably never knew existed. I knew about LUXE, but ninety percent of the others I hadn’t heard of.

Red is my favorite color, so when I saw this LUXE vanity dress, in the center, at one of the events, it immediately was on my “must get” list. Love that color hair, too!

Taxi to LUXE :

angel blog_006
Sitting in my tree at home wearing the dress.

Where’s the salon?


At the Jan. 2019 Salon 52 event, which opened Jan. 10, I learned about Mina Hair. I was totally impressed with the style. This is a bi-monthly event for everything hair related. It was previously called Hairology.

There were two buildings. One was for Mina hairstyles and the other a selection of multiple hairstyling vendors, all high quality, well presented, and watch out you will  want them all.

angel blog_079
Left, Lianne fitted mesh hair, blond hair with a braid in the center and loose strands in front. Even has a hair stylist hud, which I love with these new hair styles. Right, Kim, fitted mesh hair with a collar. Clearly, for the confident woman.
MINA’s Gacha wall with a variety of options to chose from.
Top marks for Stealthic’s “Desire” simple beauty. Hunter Stealthic put a L300 price tag on this.
How adorable is this style from KMH? Center bottom, #106, fatback is L550.

TWE12 opens the 12th of each month and runs through the last day. January’s theme was “Wonderland,’ always a playful, fantasy theme. Truth or Dare Affair is slated for Feb. 4. Exploring the main vendor area is always my favorite part of the adventure. But make sure you pay attention and wander through the exterior landscape. You’ll never know what stores are beyond the main area.


What I saw: colorful nails, sexy outfits, shapes, eyes, men’s shirts, tattoos, poses.

The number says it all.
Aerial shot of 12’s exterior.
Ten years ago, when I came in-world, I would have never seen such a beautiful promotion. Today, it is just as important as the item sold. This is Window Wonderland from Something New. Includes 3 single poses and props.
Tylar’s Treasures a winter wonderland swing and birdhouse gacha.

Note to fashion creators. If you have a glamorous gown, heels, hair or jewelry that you would love the Angels to wear, contact or Netera Landar in world. We’d love to meet with you in your store. In exchange for your kindness, we will feature an ad for a month on our blog and inform the audience of your sponsorship.


Netera Landar

A little bit of magic….

By Talia Sunsong

Eve’lotion is giving away a static mesh head as a group gift. Their group is only 1L to join. The head comes with a HUD with skin, eyeshadow and lipstick color choices. Not all color choices are available on the free HUD but I found pretty eyeshadow choices.

Then I relaxed while riding a sky whale on Lost Dreams sim. This is a beautiful sim to explore, with a fortune teller, a magic room and a whale to ride.

I am Wearing:

Free Eve head group gift 1L to join group

TBO Farah lame gown Turquoise $10L

Sintiklia Hair Raphael colors pack free on marketplace. It comes with or without bangs.

Beloved Jewelry Gem Collar Necklace free to members of SL Mesh Body group

Eve’lotion is giving away a free static mesh head as a group gift
Lost Dreams sim in Second Life.
Magic room at Lost Dreams.

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