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A to Z Event Scores Big Time!!!

By Netera Landar

We’ve been so busy! There’s so much catching up to do. I wanted to start with the A to Z event presented in The Theatre at Dandy’s Place on Sunday, Nov. 29. What’s unique about this event was that Austin and ZDiva did a live dual-streaming set. They practiced for endless hours. Sandy built a New York-style night club as the set and we danced on champagne glasses dressed in our CC Ego leather jacket Maitreya and I had KC Becca Strappy Boots. My hairstyle is Truth Oasis. Photos courtesy of Austin Angel Talia Sunsong!

Austin, Sandy and ZDiva.
Sandy, Talia and I.
Austin singing his heart out.
The talented, adorable and always funny, ZDiva.
Talia and I.


Austin’s Second Kenny Rogers Tribute Held on Halloween!!!

Austin seated at the piano. Not one to just stand in front of a microphone during a tribute, he often plays the guitar and sometimes the piano.

By Netera Landar

Every tribute Austin hosts is special. With two years of Neil Diamond events featured in numerous venues, Austin felt it would be honorable to present the hits of the late Kenny Rogers.

Austin selected songs he loved from Kenny’s long list of hits. Songs he felt he could comfortably perform. Sandy put on her creative thinking cap and began creating a themed set for the event. She elected GGVG’s Fiona Dress – Pearl as the elegant gown for the Angels. The movement of the flexi skirt was magical. We wore our hair down or braided.

Joining Austin, aka Kenny Rogers, was ZDiva Sorbert for several songs. Her talent is professional and admired. The two compliment each other well. A big thank you, as always, to Liam Hoffen for setting up and controlling the stage lights and Kathyzog Destiny for filming the tribute.

ZDiva and Austin singing a duet.
The multi-level stage featured a grand piano, skeleton band, and the Angels!
Left to right, Netera, Talia and Sandy wearing the Fiona Dress.
Lightning sets the mood for the Halloween event.
Grace and elegance can best describe our gown.

Looking Pretty For Santa!!!

Talia looks gorgeous in this Christmas ensemble.

By Netera Landar

We love when Austin has Christmas sets. There are adorable Christmas-themed mini dresses to wear, topped with Santa hats, big bows and don’t forget particle stars. We love the decorations and everyone in a good mood. And let’s not forget this is the time for Advent calendars. I think Sandy beat us in that department this year.

We enjoyed a Toys For Tots fundraiser on Encore Escape (an open sim grid) and performing in Dandy’s ballroom on SL.

For New Year’s, Sandy and I wore Diamond Tears from Wild Orchid. Simply stunning during Austin’s Neil Diamond Tribute.

At Sweet Genesis, Talia, Austin, Sandy and Netera.
Netera wearing a lovely necklace which is a Jumo group gift. You can find it outside the store where the Advent calendar was.
Sandy on Encore wearing a sweater with lace, white leggings, red moccasins and a Santa hat.
Sandy and I wore Diamond Tears from Wild Orchid and a New Year’s Eve tiara.
Austin’s New Year’s Neil Diamond Tribute at Sweet Genesis. We adored our Wild Orchid gown and the 63 guests that attended.
At Dandy’s, we’re wearing Lurve’s Angel’s Song Formal gown with wings. Sandy in ivory, Talia in teal and Netera in Rose Petal. Netera is wearing Chain – Diana Hair.
Isn’t this an adorable scene?
Love the postcard background at Anne’s Coffee House.
On Encore, Netera on the left and Sandy on the right. We waved our Toys For Tots flags the entire time Austin performed.
Sandy wearing her Lurve skating dress, skates, and small animated wings.
Netera in the same outfit with pig tails.
During Toys For Tots fundraiser on Encore.
Austin Moores during his Neil Diamond Tribute on Sweet Genesis on New Year’s Eve.
Austin’s beautiful stage.
Two of the Angels during the tribute.
Stunning fireworks in front of a gorgeous stage.

Time for some boot scootin!

By Netera Landar

There’s something real, vulnerable, and honest about country music. I think that’s why Austin is drawn to  it. It’s heard in the lyrics of a Kenny Rogers’ song depicting the life of a gambler, or Johnny Cash singing about the cold reality of living your life behind prison bars.

After Austin is singing his heart out about pretty little ladies, Sandy and Talia are wearing out their boots looking for western wear that’s down right adorable.

Austin sings his country favorites at The Stage on Nashville, Ann’s Coffee House, J&T Stables Tavern, White Horse Tavern and Sweet Genesis.

To view his calendar, log onto He’s currently updating his website, so be sure to return to view newer pictures and tribute information.

meow dress_269
Talia at Ann’s Coffee House.
meow dress_270
Sandy at Ann’s Coffee House.
Sandy and Netty are wearing CK Madson top and MH Natalie skirt, boots and Montana hair.
meow dress_319
Outside the Stage on Nashville for a street event. Sandy set out bails of hay for our stage. We’re wearing a Verona dress, hat and cowboy boots.
Netera, Sandy and Talia wearing Pixicat’s Ruffle Dress – Dotts. I can always count on my Virginia boots and Hud to match most outfits I wear. Montana hair with hat is perfect for this set.
Netty at Ann’s Coffee House.


Austin joins Mari in emceeing Miss Parallel Universe 2019!!


After numerous rehearsals, the day of the Miss Parallel Universe finally arrived. Sandy and I had the opportunity of viewing this well organized and beautiful production emceed by Maribol Inshan and Austin Moores and produced by CEO’s Abby GearHead, Leon Gearhead, Karabella Veliz (Director and Manager), Royal Sun, (Director) and Marcie Karfield (Manager).

The stunning set was inspired by ancient Egypt. The entire ceremony was well paced,  the dance number adorable and comedy act quite humorous. The best part of the event was the costume presentation. A lot of creativity went into this category.

I found the questions asked by the judges to be of interest to SL residents and the responses from the contestants well thoughout and intelligent.

The following are the top 10 Finalists:

  1. Ashlyn (ashlynkilkalyn Resident)
  2. Mimi fKing Darling (Disastrophy Resident)
  3. Eva Madenwald
  4. Gina Rose (GinaRosedale Resident)
  5. Laura Barnstormer (LauraLauren06 Resident)
  6. Magda Videl (mag69gie Resident)
  7. Sha.Anne (5H4 Resident)
  8. Sheila Schridde (sheilasiren Resident)
  9. Sherry (sherrylovemodel Resident)
  10. Virginia (UnderstandingComplexity Resident)

The winners of Miss Parallel Universe 2019:

Winner: Eva Madenwald

1st Runner-up: Sheila Schriddle

2nd Runner-up: Sha Anne Evelyn

Participating judges in this year’s event included:

Zaria Zenfold, Chicagosax Resident, Tony Lee Knight, Brendon Chapman.


Kiria Velour. Photographers: Melodie Trallis, Marcus Allan and Heavenly Haayz.


Solana Python

Entertainers/Live Singers:

Maribol Inshan

Austin Moores

Entertainment Theater:

River Island Performing Arts


Jack Rock, Nico Sorbet, Robert Rae, Brendon Heron, Scooter Koala, Leon Gearhead, Amanda Day as “Queen.”, Marcie Karfield, Solana Python, Royal Sun, Saffy Vampcakes, Karabella Veliz as “Anubis”, Ashlyn Kilkalyn, Mimi Darling, Eva Madenwald, Gina Rose, Laura Barnstormer, Magda Videl, Sha Anne, Sheila Schriddle, Sherry Lovemodel and Virginia Complexity.

Dance Choreographer:

Michael Jackson Follet

Set Design:

Karabella Veliz

Costumes Made By:

“Saffy” (Vampcakes Resident)


Woodlyn Heights, Zuri’s Jewelry, Michael Jackson Follet, Karabella Kreations, Chicago Sax, Royal Sun, Street Wear Live, Nightfall Relay For Life, Sanna Science and Art, Keri’s Cakery, Glitterati and SWD Studios.

Below are four of the contestants during the bathing suit competition.





The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was presented during the theater portion of the event.



This ebony gown is partnered with dimensional roses and looks simply gorgeous.
The orbit of planets isn’t fully razzed but you get the idea of a goddess and her eternal responsibilities.


Fantastic futuristic representation. Beauty meets cyborg technology.
Ever blossoming Mother Nature.
The Phoenix Rising.
From candy canes to Christmas trees…
Elegant perfection…
Timeless beauty.
Simply stunning…
Love the hair and the gown. She looks beautiful.
Timeless beauty.
The hair and glistening arm accents give this look a natural touch.
A modern day Audrey Hepburn.
Abby GearHead addresses the audience.
Mari and Austin performing during the special event.


Last year’s Miss Parallel Universe Winner. What a lovely gown she wears with grace.


Abby, Eva and Leon. (Photo courtesy of Miss Parallel Universe facebook page)
(Photo courtesy of Miss Parallel Universe facebook page)

Forever Neil Tribute A Virtual Success!!

Sandy did a super job creating the tribute stage. It dazzled the audience with its diamonds and animated background. (Photos by Netera Landar)
3-2-1. Time for Austin to begin the tribute. We’re so excited for him as he begins to sing his favorite Neil Diamond songs.
Austin went all out to order a custom-made outfit and hair.
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing on diamonds during the tribute.
Austin beaming under the star studded light effects.
His fingers flew on the ivory keys while he entertained.
Austin wowed the audience as the American flag appeared while he sang “Coming to America.”
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing as we always do to show our support for our favorite SL singer.
Far right, Austin stands among the members of the orchestra singing yet another Neil Diamond hit.
Ann’s Place of Grace looked lovely for the tribute. Though, it’s always gorgeous and welcoming.

The next tribute will be at Second Sound City, Oligard, Saturday, July 13, 3 to 4 PM slt.

Fan and Friend Contributed Photos by KatyZog Destiny below:
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_004 (2a).png
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_020 (2a)
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_040 (2a)
Thank you, Kathy. If other fans would like to submit photos of Austin taken during his performances, please email them to along with your SL name.
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