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Winter Wonderland and What Fun Christmas Outfits We Wore…

Text By Netera Landar and  Photos by Talia Sunsong

Just say “Christmas!” and the angels can’t wait to teleport to the Holiday Shop & Hop. We will also tell you, from experience, that it’s no easy task to enter the sim and walk around no matter what hour you try. Then there’s Advent gifts and a month filled with Christmas outfits by our favorite fashion creators.

The Angels follow the updates on Seraphim, FIFTY5 Thursdays and FabFree, trying to stay on budget and trying to find a dress that Sandy says passes the dance test isn’t easy. We have learned, that some outfits look beautiful on, but will show breakage when your dance moves are more active.

Below are a few of Austin’s sets at Xanadu, Ann’s Coffee House, White Horse, Dandy’s and a Unicef benefit.

A December set at Xanadu. Austin looks great in his Winter suit. The angels are wearing Enchanted Joy Christmas Dress and Ibela Christmas hat.

At Xanadu. Loved the winter scene. Lovely joined us. Lovely, Talia, Sandy and I.

Sandy wearing Enchanted Joy Christmas Dress and Ibela Store Special Costume Christmas Hat.

Sandy is wearing Gabriel’s Santa Coat with reindeer antlers.

Dancing to “Leave Your Hat On.”
At Dandy’s. Sandy wearing Truth’s Adore Xmas hairstyle.

Sandy wearing Soulglitter’s Winter Outfit which we learned about through Cor, a host from Rockin’ Robin. Thanks, Cor!!

The three of us wearing Lurve’s Ice Skater’s Dream in Teal.

And Austin wearing a comfortable layered look at Ann’s Coffee House.

Looking Pretty For Santa!!!

Talia looks gorgeous in this Christmas ensemble.

By Netera Landar

We love when Austin has Christmas sets. There are adorable Christmas-themed mini dresses to wear, topped with Santa hats, big bows and don’t forget particle stars. We love the decorations and everyone in a good mood. And let’s not forget this is the time for Advent calendars. I think Sandy beat us in that department this year.

We enjoyed a Toys For Tots fundraiser on Encore Escape (an open sim grid) and performing in Dandy’s ballroom on SL.

For New Year’s, Sandy and I wore Diamond Tears from Wild Orchid. Simply stunning during Austin’s Neil Diamond Tribute.

At Sweet Genesis, Talia, Austin, Sandy and Netera.
Netera wearing a lovely necklace which is a Jumo group gift. You can find it outside the store where the Advent calendar was.
Sandy on Encore wearing a sweater with lace, white leggings, red moccasins and a Santa hat.
Sandy and I wore Diamond Tears from Wild Orchid and a New Year’s Eve tiara.
Austin’s New Year’s Neil Diamond Tribute at Sweet Genesis. We adored our Wild Orchid gown and the 63 guests that attended.
At Dandy’s, we’re wearing Lurve’s Angel’s Song Formal gown with wings. Sandy in ivory, Talia in teal and Netera in Rose Petal. Netera is wearing Chain – Diana Hair.
Isn’t this an adorable scene?
Love the postcard background at Anne’s Coffee House.
On Encore, Netera on the left and Sandy on the right. We waved our Toys For Tots flags the entire time Austin performed.
Sandy wearing her Lurve skating dress, skates, and small animated wings.
Netera in the same outfit with pig tails.
During Toys For Tots fundraiser on Encore.
Austin Moores during his Neil Diamond Tribute on Sweet Genesis on New Year’s Eve.
Austin’s beautiful stage.
Two of the Angels during the tribute.
Stunning fireworks in front of a gorgeous stage.

Halloween Haunts, Broom Balancing And A Bolt of Magic

We’re wearing Believe Halloween Witch Hat, Liliana Dress Maitreya Experimental Halloween, Necklace Gold, Earrings.

Halloween in Second Life is a blast! There’s no end to the clever, sexy, adorable dresses and outfits you can choose from.  That often makes it difficult for us to choose what to wear for Austin’s sets. The Angels had a great time selecting a few costumes and helping others to enjoy the charm of the holiday.  Here’s a few pictures from Sheworthy, the Stage in Nashville, White Horse and Dandy’s.

Sandy looking bewitching at Austin’s Halloween gig at Sheworthy!
Talia at Sheworthy.
17th century ghost Austin playing the guitar and singing a popular song.
Bo Shim as a Pumpkin head rocker, Belinda Portland is a long-departed pirate wench and the country cowboy skeleton is Austin Moores.
Belinda Portland and Austin singing a duet at White Horse Tavern.
We’re wearing 18th Century Ghost Female Outfit and avatar by Robbie Roo.




Time for some boot scootin!

By Netera Landar

There’s something real, vulnerable, and honest about country music. I think that’s why Austin is drawn to  it. It’s heard in the lyrics of a Kenny Rogers’ song depicting the life of a gambler, or Johnny Cash singing about the cold reality of living your life behind prison bars.

After Austin is singing his heart out about pretty little ladies, Sandy and Talia are wearing out their boots looking for western wear that’s down right adorable.

Austin sings his country favorites at The Stage on Nashville, Ann’s Coffee House, J&T Stables Tavern, White Horse Tavern and Sweet Genesis.

To view his calendar, log onto He’s currently updating his website, so be sure to return to view newer pictures and tribute information.

meow dress_269
Talia at Ann’s Coffee House.
meow dress_270
Sandy at Ann’s Coffee House.
Sandy and Netty are wearing CK Madson top and MH Natalie skirt, boots and Montana hair.
meow dress_319
Outside the Stage on Nashville for a street event. Sandy set out bails of hay for our stage. We’re wearing a Verona dress, hat and cowboy boots.
Netera, Sandy and Talia wearing Pixicat’s Ruffle Dress – Dotts. I can always count on my Virginia boots and Hud to match most outfits I wear. Montana hair with hat is perfect for this set.
Netty at Ann’s Coffee House.


Forever Neil Tribute A Virtual Success!!

Sandy did a super job creating the tribute stage. It dazzled the audience with its diamonds and animated background. (Photos by Netera Landar)
3-2-1. Time for Austin to begin the tribute. We’re so excited for him as he begins to sing his favorite Neil Diamond songs.
Austin went all out to order a custom-made outfit and hair.
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing on diamonds during the tribute.
Austin beaming under the star studded light effects.
His fingers flew on the ivory keys while he entertained.
Austin wowed the audience as the American flag appeared while he sang “Coming to America.”
Netera, Sandy and Talia dancing as we always do to show our support for our favorite SL singer.
Far right, Austin stands among the members of the orchestra singing yet another Neil Diamond hit.
Ann’s Place of Grace looked lovely for the tribute. Though, it’s always gorgeous and welcoming.

The next tribute will be at Second Sound City, Oligard, Saturday, July 13, 3 to 4 PM slt.

Fan and Friend Contributed Photos by KatyZog Destiny below:
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_004 (2a).png
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_020 (2a)
AustinMoores 2019-06-27 Neil Diamond Tribute_040 (2a)
Thank you, Kathy. If other fans would like to submit photos of Austin taken during his performances, please email them to along with your SL name.

Let’s Shake it up!!

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”

Neil Gaiman

Talia at Palm Coast. A lovely picture as it captures the beauty the avatar. Talia is wearing Mina Juliet free group gift hair, LAQ Noelle head, NP Dreaming Eyes, Yak & Yeti Bollywood jewelry.
Talia wearing Lurve’s Angel Song Formal in Aqua with matching wings at Frank’s Elite.



angel blog_191Dancing. It has always been how we express ourselves. Whether it is the energetic interpretation of jazz, the graceful form of ballet, the sexy salsa and tempting tango or the playful Macarena, you have an understanding of the elements that come together to create a single performance.

Does anyone really know what time it is?

Chicago said it best. But do you have any idea how much preparation goes into a virtual show? Before Austin Moores sings and we take our places on stage there is a checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished. Sandy and Talia handle all the behind-the-scenes tasks.

After learning if the venue Austin will perform in is formal or casual, they select appropriate gowns, western outfits or an adorable casual number. Our virtual closets are filled with clothing from Marketplace, FabFree finds, group gifts and more. We wear the same gown or outfit, at times in different colors. We dance to check for “breakage,” select a hairstyle, jewelry and shoes that we prefer.

Sandy at Palm Coast Club.


Sandy is wearing the lovely Ciara Cream gown from Ellnique Designs:(

The hair is called Kaijah and it was a group gift from Truth.

I’m wearing the same gown showing you how it hugs your curves and how elegant it is.


Sandy and my Valentine gown is another Ellnique Design that is not only beautiful in shape and color, but the flexi motion is wonderful for dancing.



Austin regularly performs at Bogarts and one of the elements of the stage is the fog. It creates a dream-like set and brings you back to the grand days of nightclubs. Sandy is wearing a Sage Rayne gown. We wore three different colors that night. Talia chose purple and I selected aqua.

Our gowns: from Sage:



Our gowns are from SLC…it’s called Society. Sandy is on the left and Austin on the right.
Hair: Besom, Glam Kitten
We can’t shake up the dice here, but we know we have the #1 boss in SL. Photo taken at Godfather’s.
Kat joined us at Bogarts. Love her gown. She has such great style. She’s wearing Sis Boom’s “Distinct Pink” gown.

Did someone say SL event?…

Starry, starry night at Ann’s Place of Grace. I’ve slipped into Wild Orchid Diamond Tears, a cool, silk number that we all adore. I’m wearing MINA Hair – Maria Unrigged V01, Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1., TuTy – Adored Girl Bento AO Priority 3 & 4.

angel blog_191

** By Netera Landar**

I finally have the opportunity to share all the wonderful dresses, shoes and accessories I’ve learned about through SL blogs and what Sandy and Talia have selected for us. I must confess that even though I’ve been on SL for ten years, I found it difficult to part with my classic body. I hear you giggling. I know change is inevitable, but I’m not one to set it in motion virtually without a gentle push from my friends. Sandy had to talk me through mesh application step by step. I must admit that now that I have graduated to a Maitreya body, I’m loving the ease of use of the system. No more worrying about attaching feet or if the shade matches my body.

On to shopping, what we love talking about…

There were so many SL Christmas events, I didn’t know what to go to at first. I spent hours at the Shop & Hop Holiday Shopping event. There were so many free gifts, I haven’t even opened them all. The layout was similar to an indoor mall. Then there was the Swank Event, Sense, Okinawa New Year Festival, Equalro, Jumo, Cosmopolitan, and a visit to the LUXE Paris Fashions Store because I loved their dresses.

New Years Eve at Brigadoon, wearing the same gown but with Limence – Elise rigged mesh hair.

What’s interesting about all these events is that you are introduced to fashion creators you’d probably never knew existed. I knew about LUXE, but ninety percent of the others I hadn’t heard of.

Red is my favorite color, so when I saw this LUXE vanity dress, in the center, at one of the events, it immediately was on my “must get” list. Love that color hair, too!

Taxi to LUXE :

angel blog_006
Sitting in my tree at home wearing the dress.

Where’s the salon?


At the Jan. 2019 Salon 52 event, which opened Jan. 10, I learned about Mina Hair. I was totally impressed with the style. This is a bi-monthly event for everything hair related. It was previously called Hairology.

There were two buildings. One was for Mina hairstyles and the other a selection of multiple hairstyling vendors, all high quality, well presented, and watch out you will  want them all.

angel blog_079
Left, Lianne fitted mesh hair, blond hair with a braid in the center and loose strands in front. Even has a hair stylist hud, which I love with these new hair styles. Right, Kim, fitted mesh hair with a collar. Clearly, for the confident woman.
MINA’s Gacha wall with a variety of options to chose from.
Top marks for Stealthic’s “Desire” simple beauty. Hunter Stealthic put a L300 price tag on this.
How adorable is this style from KMH? Center bottom, #106, fatback is L550.

TWE12 opens the 12th of each month and runs through the last day. January’s theme was “Wonderland,’ always a playful, fantasy theme. Truth or Dare Affair is slated for Feb. 4. Exploring the main vendor area is always my favorite part of the adventure. But make sure you pay attention and wander through the exterior landscape. You’ll never know what stores are beyond the main area.


What I saw: colorful nails, sexy outfits, shapes, eyes, men’s shirts, tattoos, poses.

The number says it all.
Aerial shot of 12’s exterior.
Ten years ago, when I came in-world, I would have never seen such a beautiful promotion. Today, it is just as important as the item sold. This is Window Wonderland from Something New. Includes 3 single poses and props.
Tylar’s Treasures a winter wonderland swing and birdhouse gacha.

Note to fashion creators. If you have a glamorous gown, heels, hair or jewelry that you would love the Angels to wear, contact or Netera Landar in world. We’d love to meet with you in your store. In exchange for your kindness, we will feature an ad for a month on our blog and inform the audience of your sponsorship.


Netera Landar

I’m in virtual heaven shopping

Netty, Talia and that’s me on the right. We just love to shop.

By Sandy Hauster

I am a self acknowledged procrastinator. This note was actually due a few days ago. I spend a large chunk of my time doing all the things I truly enjoy: shopping, wandering, putting off today what I shoulda done yesterday (or a few days ago) and vast amounts of time just having fun.

Now about that ‘shopping’. A great deal of my shopping is done through MarketPlace where my greatest joys are finding fantastic bargains so that the Angels and I look good for the shows. Over the months, we’ve found tons of beautiful clothing for UNDER $L25 !

When I’m not looking through the hundreds of pages of MarketPlace, I sift through some of the many blogs available online, such as (a VALUABLE reference to lead you to events that happen weekly, monthly or annually), …one of the weekly events that let you find awesome bargains costing you anything from $L55-100 …and many, many more.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Love Sandy

Our journey begins to find glamorous fashions to wear during Austin’s sets

Austin Moores’ New Year’s Eve set was at the fabulous castle venue, Brigadoon. Left to right, Talia, Netera and Sandy.

By Netera Landar

Who are Austin’s Angels?

Those who follow Austin Moores around the metaverse have seen, heard and laughed with the Angels. We are his support system. Our lives revolve around his scheduled sets and we’re proud to stand behind his artistic endeavors. Sandy, who is our manager, enjoys her daily shopping trips or marketplace hunts so that we can wear both casual outfits or be dressed in elegant formal gowns. She and Talia, and sometimes KittySweetKitty, create stages with bold colors, style and movement in mind. Soskat is kind enough to join us when an Angel is unable to participate. She’s are Angel sister and a devoted fan.

Talia slipped me this note….Talia Sunsong enjoys touring Second Life and Opensim as a dancer with Austin and the Angels. She is a creator, writer and roleplayer who can sometimes be seen carrying a spirited baby dragon.

Sandy is sharing a bit about herself….Hi All. I’m Sandy Hauster and I’m proud to say I’m one of Austin Moores Angels. I’ve been working with him as a back-up dancer for the last six months or so and still enjoy the heck outta it. In my entire nine years as a resident of SL, this is high on my list of fun jobs. When I came to SL, I had no aspirations of becoming a back-up dancer. Just like everyone else, I was here to escape the real world for a while and get a chance to meet and chat with people from around the world. Remembering back to when I first joined, I know I’ve come a very long way. I’m grateful to the people that helped me figure that walking around bald and naked with a pose stand on my hand wasn’t as much fun as it could be. There are patient and kind souls out there that taught me to walk and talk and open boxes and that TP didn’t stand for toilet paper. Many thanks to all of the wonderful friends I’ve made.

Then there’s the boss…

Austin Moores sings live in both Second Life and open sim venues. His love for music comes through with contemporary songs or popular hits from yesteryear. Let’s not forget the country songs and those that have you laughing while you dance.

So what’s this blog about?

Who doesn’t love fashion? It’s enviable that if you’re wrapped up in the workings of a virtual world that you always want to put your best fashion foot forward.

So we are.

We have found that in no time at all we have accumulated a lot of fashion info. What woman doesn’t love a sale? OM gosh, we simply can’t ignore them. So we would like this blog to not only provide you pictures and info about Austin’s sets on SL and opensim, but we would like to share new fashion finds that are sexy, but cover your bits and have prices so tempting that you can’t turn away. With a little luck we’ll provide men’s wear finds as there are a lot of men who are Austin’s fans, as well.

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