Riding the Tour…

Talia in the center, Sandy on the left, and Netera on the right, on stage in the Legendaire Elizabeth gown at Palm Coast Club.

By Talia Sunsong


Austin’s performances are so hot, he sets the stage on fire!

I’m so lucky I get to be an angel dancer for Austin Moores’ performances! Not only are the sets fun, so is riding along in the tour bus. Austin likes to drive and he enjoys showing us the roadside attractions, like the clear underwater tunnel he drove our bus through the other day.

Afterwards, I went shopping at Legendaire and found an impressive selection of group gifts, and joining the group is only 49L.

Above, I’m wearing – The Legendaire Elizabeth gown, on sale 49L with eight textures.


Mina Juliet hair: A free group gift hair, after paying 200L to join the group.


LAQ Noelle bento head, bought on sale for 300L, which is normally 1,500L

Maitreya Lara Body

Austin and Angels tour bus in the underwater tunnel. We checked out the sites and held on tight during the sim crossings!
Legendaire Group Gift Wall.
Mina Hair Group Gift Wall.

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